A diagnosis of cancer can be frightening and shocking. It can make you feel that your body - and your whole life - is out of control; and the usual medical procedures, however effective, can add to this feeling of powerlessness.

Cancer Support International (SuPPort) is an organisation founded in 2006, dedicated to helping people affected by, or fearful of, cancer. It builds on and develops the comprehensive approach to preventing and overcoming cancer first set out in Jane Plant's international best-selling book Your Life in Your Hands. This approach, known as the Plant Programme, uses the latest scientific findings to show how you, the patient, can regain control by making the changes to your diet and lifestyle to complement your conventional medical treatment and help you to overcome cancer.

Since Your Life in Your Hands was first published in 2000, Jane has heard of success stories from all round the world - stories of people who have used the Plant Programme to overcome different types of cancer: there are about twenty such stories in the latest (2007) edition of the book.

Jane joined forces with her long-time friend and colleague Laura Jones to create this website, to enable the latest research results to be brought rapidly to a wider audience. The website provides information and advice for cancer sufferers and their carers, for people who are particularly at risk because of cancer in the family, and indeed for anybody who wants to adopt a diet and lifestyle that will reduce their risk of cancer.

SuPPort - standing for Success using the Plant Programme in overcoming and treating cancer -will help you adopt the principles of the Plant Programme to

eliminate cancer-causing foods and drinks from your diet,

add in the most powerful cancer-preventing foods and drinks, and

cut your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals in your home and environment.

It will also give you advice on how to handle stress effectively - and much more besides.

SuPPort also provides

a forum for members to share their experiences,

easy-to-follow, delicious, healthy recipes,

The latest scientific findings, including those from our associated charity, Cancer PPrevent, which is based at Imperial College, London

answers to frequently asked questions, and

success stories.

For further information about Jane Plant see the page on Jane's story.

Irish Independent 26th August 2013

Cancer SuPPort International is committed to providing you with independent, impartial information. Unlike many other sites, we are not funded by pharmaceuticals, government or any company with a vested interest and therefore we are free from their influence.

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