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The latest research suggests that maintaining the balance between acid-generating and alkali-generating food is crucial for health and helps to protect against many chronic diseases ranging from bone disorders such as osteoporosis, kidney stones and urinary tract infections to anxiety and depression. The aim is to try to achieve a balance between acid-generating and alkali-generating food intake to keep the blood just to the alkaline side of neutral. This is a top priority for the body, because if the blood becomes too acid or too alkaline we become ill; the range of pH that can be tolerated is very small.

There is much information on how to balance the pH of the body in the alternative medical literature, but this is generally not soundly based on good science.Recently ,however, a leading German Institute concerned with research into clinical nutrition has for the first time developed authoritative, scientifically based information on which foods generate acidity or alkalinity in the human body. A chart based on their findings is included in 'Eat Your Way to Better Health' by Jane and Gill A coloured version of the chart can be downloaded from this site so you can keep it near to hand in your kitchen.

Remember the ideal ratio for maintaining optimum health is 60:40 alkali-generating to acid-generating food intake.

You may download the colour chart here, at a price of just £5.00. It is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and intended for printing in colour on A3 size paper, though can also be printed on A4.

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