Jane Plant and Gill Tidey
'A book I can't live without. This simple, well written book was my guiding light, my very own cookery 'bible. I could never have managed to stay on the path to recovery without it.' - George Hardy

Professor Jane Plant's bestselling first book, Your Life in Your Hands, was aimed as those trying to treat or prevent breast or prostate cancer. In this book she and fellow scientist Gill Tidey show how to make the necessary changes to implement the Plant Programme in our everyday life. From essential equipment in the kitchen, to weekly menu plans – delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare and mostly inexpensive – to food for the kids, The Plant Programme can be beneficial to everyone. Covering dining in, dining out and lifestyle aspects such as shopping, cleaning, gardening and grooming, the authors provide everything you need to know in a simple and easy-to-understand formula.

  • Jane Plant CBE is one of Britain's leading scientists and has beaten cancer 5 times using her diet. She has now been clear of cancer for eleven years
  • Follow-on to the bestselling and headline-hitting Your Life in Your Hands, and Prostate Cancer - Understand, Prevent and Overcome.
  • Includes practical, comprehensive advice for fighting breast and prostate cancer as well as healthy non-dairy living and eating for everyone
  • Based on sound science, especially for those trying to treat or prevent breast or prostate cancer
  • Nutritious and tempting dishes that are easy and inexpensive to prepare

  • Paperback 298 pages (May 5, 2005)
  • Publisher: Virgin Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0753509075

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Bestselling author of the ground-breaking book Your Life in Your Hands now brings us The Plant Programme, a collection of recipes to fight breast and prostate cancer. Plant developed breast cancer in 1987 and as a scientist was frustrated by the lack of answers on why cancer develops--and what we can do to cure and prevent it. She discovered one fact that she couldn't ignore--that 1 in 10 women in the UK will develop breast cancer whereas the incidence in China is just 1 in 10 thousand. From this she went on to study the links between lifestyle and diet and made some controversial recommendations--most notably to avoid all kinds of dairy produce and adopt a largely vegan diet.

The Plant Programme is a collection of recipes and dietary advice that follows this approach. To start off, the principles behind the diet are re-explained and a shopping list of ingredients is given. The main body of the book contains recipes for everyday eating --including snacks and meals that will suit kids and the rest of the family. Without exception, these are simple, quite quick to prepare and though there are no illustrations, highly appetising. Those cautious about the absence of dairy needn't feel apprehensive--you really don't notice it. Mediterranean and Asian dishes feature prominently, with recipes such as Couscous with Rocket, Chicken and Pine Nuts, Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup or Stir-Fried Cauliflower, Zucchini and Fennel. Even the more virtuous ingredients such as tofu and lentils are made delicious through liberal use of fresh herbs and spices. And the recipes for smoothies, cookies and desserts (such as Orange and Almond Cake) will have the rest of the family keen to tuck in with you.

Readers of Your Life in Your Hands will know exactly how exciting Jane Plant's research has been to anyone concerned about cancer. Here though, she and Gill Tidey have scored a major success in translating this scientific knowledge into a collection of easy recipes that can be enjoyed on a daily basis by the whole family. This is a positive and much needed book that will empower all those affected by this cruel disease. --Rachel O'Connor --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.