Jane Plant

Published by Virgin Books
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*** NEW EDITION published on 9 August 2007 ***

'an astonishing could save your life' - Sunday People
'amazing...her message is one that every woman must read' - Daily Mail
'indispensible reading' - Professor Devra Lee Davies (US National Cancer Institute)

Publication of Jane Plant's book in hardback caused an extraordinary reaction in the press, with widespread coverage across radio, TV and national and regional newspapers. Her message ? that breast cancer can be treated, and even prevented, effectively by simple changes in our diet ? was met with huge acclaim from hundreds of thousands of sufferers of breast cancer around the world.

Jane's personal story, and her own battle against breast cancer, is one part of this important and ground-breaking book. The hundreds of scientific papers she has consulted and referenced, backing up her analysis of the benefits of giving up dairy produce, are another. Perhaps the strongest testimony to her achievement comes from the hundreds of letters and e mails she has received thanking her for producing her message of hope.

Up-to-date analysis of new options and practices for conventional treatment of breast (deletion) cancer, including the latest findings on the advantages/disadvantages of lumpectomy and radiotherapy Vs mastectomy

  • Up-to-date information on the protective role of phyto-oestrogens against Breast Cancer-based on impeccable scientific sources
  • Much more on prostate cancer treatment
  • Updated information on hormone disrupting chemicals and their sources
  • A fuller account and explanation of the biochemically active substances present in the 'milk cocktail'
  • A clear explanation of the mechanism whereby high levels of growth factors cause the promotion and proliferation of cancer cells
  • Examination of the latest research concerning the link between cancer and diet, including new and updated evidence on foods protective against cancer
  • New additions to diet and lifestyle suggestions focusing on prevention
  • Why vested-interest groups are hampering real progress in fighting cancer, using, for example, a careful analysis of the Harvard Nurses Study by a leading, distinguished US Breast Cancer surgeon
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  • Paperback 400 pages (September 4, 2003)
  • Publisher: Virgin Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0753508508

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'indispensable reading' - Professor Devra Lee aDavis, member of the board of directors of the Breast Cancer Fund and Senior Fellow in Cancer Epidomiology at the National Cancer Institute

'An astonishing could save your life' - Sunday People

'Amazing ... Her message is one that every woman must read' - Daily Mail

'Ground-breaking' - Irish Times

In her recently revised book Your Life in Your Hands, Professor Jane Plant claims that milk, in particular, contains growth factors and hormones that can promote cancer. She therefore advocates changing from dairy to soya products. Such a dietary regime is the norm in Far Eastern countries and Professor Plant points out that even in Hiroshima, the chances of contracting breast cancer are half that of western nations. Only when Chinese and Japanese women move to Europe or the United States does their chance of contracting breast cancer dramatically increase. - Choice