Jane Plant
'In this groundbreaking book, Professor Plant illuminates the relationship between the disease and diet. The book gives useful advice on diet and lifestyle to maximise your health and avoid contracting cancer. For sufferers, their families and anyone who is concerned about the risk of cancer, this book is essential. ' - Amazon review

*** NEW EDITION published on 9 August 2007 ***

Prostate cancer, scientifically similar in many ways to breast cancer, is the second most common cancer (behind lung cancer) among men. And it's becoming ever more prevalent. In Professor Jane Plant's international bestseller on breast cancer Your Life in Your Hands, she advocated, from personal experience, a way of life and non-dairy diet that helped her beat her breast cancer. In Prostate Cancer - Understand, Prevent and Overcome, Professor Plant brings her knowledge to bear on prostate cancer, including information on the science behind the disease and the reasons why her programme works, as well as case studies of men following her programme.

  • Hardcover 240 pages (May 27, 2004)
  • Publisher: Virgin Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 1852271884

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... recommends the same diet of non-dairy, exclusively organic produce (to avoid toxic pesticides and pollutants) for sufferers from this increasingly common tumour, which, like breast cancer, is almost non-existent in rural China. If her previous book is anything to go by, it is set to have a major impact on public confidence in mainstream dietary advice - The Independent Review

Click here for review published in Science in Parliament, Autumn 2004. (PDF format)
The book contains some 250 pages of advice on how to conduct your life to avoid or cure prostate cancer. Anyone with a prostate who doesn't read it is denying himself the opportunity of a long healthy lifestyle. - Prostate Focus 2004