BEATING STRESS, ANXIETY & DEPRESSION: groundbreaking ways to help you feel better
Jane Plant and Janet Stephenson

"Comprehensive and hugely helpful" - Daily Mail

In the midst of a national debate as to whether pharmaceutical drugs are any better than placebos for the treatment of depression, Professor Jane Plant and Janet Stephenson have come up with an inspired book that tackles the problems of stress, anxiety and depression in real and practical terms.

This groundbreaking new book from Professor Jane Plant and Janet Stephenson explains clearly why pharmaceutical drugs are manifestly failing to serve many sufferers of depression and are in some cases proving even more dangerous than the core problem. Clearly and sensibly, the authors explain the clinical source of the problems of stress, anxiety and depression. The main thrust of the book, however, is the practical solutions that can be used to beat these challenges and to this effect Plant and Stephenson offer an inspired programme of self- treatment that readers can adopt for themselves.

Both former sufferers of chronic anxiety disorder and depression Jane Plant and Janet Stephenson sympathetically and authoritatively explain the physiological causes of these all too common ailments. They identify ten lifestyle factors that that can dramatically reduce anxiety and depression, and also propose ‘10 Food Factors’ that will correspondingly improve mental well-being. They go on to explain all the main mood disorders that can affect people, pointing out what can go amiss with the brain-mind-body system when we suffer from stress, anxiety and depression, and how they can be dealt with.

Beating Stress, Anxiety and Depression (Piatkus, £12.99) is an essential and empowering book for sufferers and their families and gives the reader the latest findings on medications commonly used and misused to treat the epidemic that is sweeping the Western world.

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***** See readers' reviews on Amazon

Dear Jane,
I have bought your book, Beating stress, Anxiety and Depression and think it is wonderful. It is full of helpful science-based advice. I hope you don't mind my saying this, but I am glad you suffered the diseases you did, because the resulting publications have brought hope and healing to thousands.
With best wishes,
Dr Allan Withnell

A real eye-epener, 19 Sep 2008
By G. Hardy "George Hardy" (Tyneside, England.) - See all my reviews

This book came as a very welcome surprise to me and at just the right moment of my life.

I have long been impressed by Prof. Plant's work, and the thorough, painstaking research that goes into each of her books.

I have fought a long and so far remarkably successful battle against prostate cancer, and I credit my progress to finding Prof.Plant's own story of her struggle against breast cancer, in "Your Life In Your Hands", within days of my diagnosis in April 2005.

Early this year, in May 2008, I was feeling particularly 'down' and just could not fathom out why. Surely I would have had far more reason to be depressed in the first months of diagnosis, not now - at such a highpoint in my life; I had finished all cancer treatment.

As usual, the impatient patient that is me began trawling the internet for answers. I had already asked questions of my family doctor and my oncologist, but felt disatisfied with their responses and suggestions.

I felt there must be a biochemical reason why I was feeling so depressed and unable to cope. I wondered if there was some imbalance of hormones in my body.

I was amazed to discover that Jane Plant had written this book with Janet Stephenson and that both had suffered badly at one time with stress, anxiety and depression, yet had found a way to successfully combat the illness.

I read the book from cover to cover, and it certainly did open my eyes.

At last I could see clear reasons why I was feeling the way I did. There was nothing for me to be ashamed about - I hadn't suddenly became 'weak-willed' or lazy. There really WERE hormonal imbalances, and there really were possible solutions.

I am now seen regularly by an endocrinologist and I have followed all the suggestions in this book to keep myself on the path to a full recovery.

I would thoroughly recommend this ground-breaking book to anyone who is feeling depressed - and baffled as to exactly what is causing such depression.

George Hardy

It's very easy to do a review for any of your books. I merely have to tell the truth! Note from George: By the way, here is the latest pic of me taken at the latest of my 'PCa' functions last weekend.
As my AZ friends said this week - not looking too bad for someone given a few years to live three and a half years ago!